Soccer Information Manager

Soccer Information Manager 1.0.1

All information about the upcoming soccer world championship

In June, the soccer world championship is coming up – a thrilling time for all soccer fans. But it is not easy to keep up with all the information about the matches. Who is playing when against whom, where at what time? Having a PocketPC, there is an easy and comfortable way to be prepared: Soccer Information Manager is providing the whole schedule. You can sort the matches by starting time, by groups or final-groups or by locations.

When inputting the results, the software will calculate the new tables and fixtures. You can also try out different scenarios, e.g. what would be the ranking if a certain team looses or plays a tie game. The software even shows the location of the matches in a map. Very comfortable: the memory function. In order not to miss the kick-off of an individually picked game, the system is sending the start time to the Outlook database of the PocketPC. Thus the user will be informed e.g. 15 minutes in advance to fetch beer and chips and switch on the radio or TV.

Without reading instructions, everybody is able to input the results, to calculate the following fixtures and to set the alarm for the memory function. All data are saved automatically, so no data loss can occur. The user can select between six languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. It is also possible to select any time zone. The program size is less than 250 Kbyte. The software is also compatible with any kind of outlook-extensions e.g. Pocket Informant.

Program characteristics:

  • All dates, places and times
  • Matches can be sorted by groups, final rounds, dates and places
  • Automatic calculation of the ranking lists and final round matches
  • Calculation of fiktive scenarios
  • Automatic transfer of match start times into the Outlook database of the PocketPC
  • Compatible with any Outlook extension (for example Pocket Informant)
  • Automatic reminder alarm before matches
  • Graphical representation of all venues in a map
  • Any time zone
  • All inputs are saved automatically in a database
  • Very easy to use
  • Program size less than 250 kbytes
  • User interface in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese

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Soccer Information Manager


Soccer Information Manager 1.0.1

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